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Running north to south for some hundred miles through central Eriador
Fortified by Men
The Tower of Amon Sûl stood on Weathertop (Amon Sûl) at the southern end of the range
Important peaks
The meaning of 'weather' in this context is unclear1


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Weather Hills

The range of hills running north from Weathertop

Map of the Weather Hills

The name among Men for the north-south range of hills that lay in central Eriador, and in ancient times marked part of the border between the lands of Arthedain and Rhudaur. Weathertop, or Amon Sûl, lay at the southern end of the range.



The hill at the southern end of this range was known in Elvish as Amon Sûl, which literally meant 'hill of the wind', but was translated as 'Weathertop'. If the same convention holds for the entire range of the Weather Hills, then their name implied that they were the 'windy hills', which would make perfect sense for an isolated range running through a flat surrounding land. On this association, we would expect the hills to have a Sindarin name something like Emyn Suil, though in fact we do not have a canonical Elvish name for the Weather Hills as a range.

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