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Underhill Family

A Hobbit-family of Staddle

A common family name among the Bree-hobbits. They lived in the village of Staddle on the east side of the Bree-hill, and indeed it is doubtless from the placing of their homes on the slopes of that hill that they took their family name.

Underhill was also the identity assumed by Frodo Baggins after he left the Shire, a name in fact dervied from Underhill the place in Hobbiton. By coincidence, he encountered a number of true Underhills in the Prancing Pony in Bree, who were naturally curious to meet (as they imagined) a distant cousin1. At least some of the Underhills played a part in the fighting in Bree during the War of the Ring, and one of them lost his life in that conflict.



It's notable that none of the Breelanders seemed to have heard of Underhills from the Shire before, not even those who had travelled there several times. This seems to suggest that there were in fact no true Underhills beyond the borders of the Bree-land.

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