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When Túrin was led to Nargothrond by Gwindor, he wished to conceal his identity and so escape the curse of Morgoth on his kin, if he could. So, he took a new name, Agarwaen son of Úmarth, from the Sindarin for 'Bloodstained' and 'Ill-fate'.

His identity did not remain hidden for long. Gwindor revealed to Finduilas that 'Agarwaen' was in fact Túrin, and 'Úmarth' his famous father Húrin. When news of this reached Finduilas' father King Orodreth, Túrin was given great honour and standing, but the revelation of Túrin's identity would also bring home Morgoth's curse. Using his new authority, Túrin caused the Elves of Nargothrond to abandon their policy of secrecy, and instead go into open battle - a decision that would eventually lead to their destruction.

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