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Lived mainly during the 29th century of the Third Age (13th century by the Shire-reckoning)1
to'go goo'dbody
The name Togo doesn't appear to have a specific meaning


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Togo Goodbody

The husband of Lily Baggins

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A Hobbit who lived generations before Frodo's time (probably more than a century before the War of the Ring). He married into the Baggins clan when he wedded Lily Baggins, who was one of Bilbo's great aunts. We know that Togo and Lily had various descendants, but their names and histories are nowhere recorded.



We don't have precise dates for Togo, but do know that his wife Lily lived between III 2822 and III 2912. Presumably Togo's own dates must have been fairly comparable, and these are the dates shown on the timeline above.

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