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Established early in the history of Númenor (which was founded in II 32); abandoned on the accession of Ar-Gimilzór in II 3102
The summit of the Meneltarma in the central regions of Númenor
Led by members of the royal House of Elros
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Thanksgiving to Eru

Third of the Three Prayers

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The Númenórean festival known as the Eruhantalë, the third of three annual pilgrimages known collectively as the Three Prayers. The time of Thanksgiving was at the end of autumn (presumably on the last day of Yavannië by the Númenórean calendar1). As on each of the days of Prayer, the King would lead the people to summit of the Meneltarma, and at the time of Eruhantalë he would offer thanks to Eru Ilúvatar.



Beyond a reference to the end of autumn, we're not told exactly when the day of Thanksgiving fell during the year, but it seems that the Númenóreans considered Yavannië to be the last month of autumn, and the following month of Narquelië ('fading Sun') to mark the onset of winter. (When the later Dúnedain introduced a specific autumn feast day, Yáviérë, they inserted it between these two months, emphasising the importance that they gave to this time of year.)

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