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Thráin IThe King who deserted Khazad-dûm
Thráin IIThe father of Thorin Oakenshield
ThranduilKing of the Wood-elves of Mirkwood
Three Houses of MenThe houses of the Edain
Three Houses of the EdainThe Elf-friends of the Elder Days
Three Houses of the Elf-friendsThe faithful Edain of the First Age
Three KeepersThe Keepers of the Three Rings
Three KindredsThe three branches of the Eldar
Three PrayersThe prayers of the Númenóreans to Eru
Three RingsNenya, Narya and Vilya
Three-Farthing StoneThe meeting point of three of the Shire‘s farthings
ThrihyrneThe northernmost peaks of the White Mountains
ThrimichA form of the month name Thrimidge
ThrimidgeThe fifth month of the Shire Calendar
ThrimilchThe month of three milkings
Throne of MorgothThe Dark Throne in the depths of Angband
ThrórThe refounding King under the Mountain
Thrór’s MapThe map that guided the Quest of Erebor
Dark ThroneThe seat of the Dark Lord
Elves of ThranduilThe Elves of the Wood
Great Hall of ThráinThe seat of the Kings under the Mountain
Keepers of the Three RingsThose who bore Narya, Nenya and Vilya
Ring of ThrórLast of the Seven Rings
The Three HuntersAragorn, Legolas and Gimli
The Thrice-renownedA title of King Thengel of Rohan
Athrad AngrenThe Fords of Isen
BelthrondingThe great black bow of Beleg
Black Sword of NargothrondTúrin in the halls of Orodreth
Captain of NargothrondA title given to Túrin
Doors of NargothrondThe entrance to Finrod's citadel
Elves of MithrimFirst of the Sindar to greet the returned Noldor
Elves of NargothrondThe people of Finrod Felagund
Ered MithrinThe Elvish name for the Grey Mountains
Ered WethrinThe Mountains of Shadow
Ethraid EngrinAn old name for the Fords of Isen
EthringThe township below the wells of Ringló
FalathrimThe Elves of the Falas
Fall of NargothrondThe sack of the halls on the Narog
GethronOne of the guides who led Túrin to Doriath
GirithronA month from the calendars of Men
Grey-elves of MithrimA northern branch of the Sindar
HalethrimThe Men of Brethil
HlothranThe true surname of the Cotton family
IthrynA name for Wizards
Ithryn LuinThe Blue Wizards
King of NargothrondA title held by the brothers Finrod and Orodreth
Lake MithrimThe lake to the north of the land of Mithrim
LebethronA favoured wood of Gondor’s craftsmen
Lord of NargothrondRuler of the halls on the Narog
LothronThe fifth month of the year
MerethrondThe Great Hall of Feasts
MithrandirGandalf, the Grey Wanderer
MithrellasA companion of Nimrodel
MithrilMost precious of metals
MithrimA region to the southeast of Hithlum
Mountains of MithrimA northward spur of the Ered Wethrin
Nan-tathrenThe Land of Willows in the south of Beleriand
NargothrondThe hidden fortress on the River Narog
NogothrimAn Elvish name for the Dwarves
Sack of NargothrondThe destruction of the halls on the Narog
Sarn AthradThe crossing-place of the River Gelion
SouthronsA Mannish name for the Haradrim

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AdanedhelThe Elf-Man of Nargothrond
Amon EthirThe Spyhill of Nargothrond
AndrothRefuge of the Grey-elves of Mithrim
Battle of TumhaladThe last battle of the warriors of Nargothrond
Bay of AndúniëNorthernmost of the three bays of the Andustar
BertOne of the three Trolls that waylaid Bilbo and his companions
Blue RingMightiest of the Three Rings
BorlachOne of the three sons of Bór
BorladOne of the three sons of Bór
BorthandOne of the three sons of Bór
Cirith Forn en AndrathThe High Pass through the Misty Mountains
Debatable LandThe northern marches of Nargothrond
Doors of FelagundThe gateway of Nargothrond
Dragon-KingGlaurung in Nargothrond
Dudo BagginsThe youngest of Fosco Baggins’ three children
Eastfarthing of the ShireThe lands east of the Three-Farthing Stone
Elf-ManA name for Túrin used in Nargothrond
Elf-towersThe three White Towers of Emyn Beraid
Elves of MirkwoodThe Silvan followers of Thranduil and his kin
Finrod FelagundThe founder of Nargothrond
Ford of StonesSarn Athrad on Gelion
Forest RoadThe road that ran through Mirkwood
GalionButler to King Thranduil
GelmirIll-fated nobleman of Nargothrond
GilmithDaughter of Imrazôr and Mithrellas
Great Hall of OsgiliathThe throne room of Isildur and Anárion
Great JewelOne of the three Silmarils
Green HillsThe range of hills that ran through the Shire
GrithnirThe companion of Túrin and Gethron
GuilinA lord of Nargothrond
GwindorA noble Elf of Nargothrond
Hall of the KingsThe throne room of Minas Tirith
HarfootsMost common of the three ancient Hobbit-strains
Heart of the MountainThe Arkenstone of Thráin
Heir of IsildurBirthright of the leaders of the Northern Dúnedain
High FarothThe Hills of the Hunters above Nargothrond
High PassThe northern pass through the Misty Mountains
High Seat of VinyamarThe throne of Turgon in Nevrast
Hill of SpiesThe guard-hill of Nargothrond
House of BëorFirst of the Three Houses of the Edain
House of FinrodThe nobility of Nargothrond
House of HadorThird of the Three Houses of the Edain
Land of WillowsThe willow-woods of Nan-tathren
Last of the SevenThe Ring of Thrór
Lord of NarogThe ruler of Nargothrond
Men-i-NaugrimThe Dwarf-road that ran through Mirkwood
Morgul-wayThe roadway through the Mountains of Shadow
MormegilA title given to Túrin in Nargothrond
Mountains of MoriaThe three peaks above old Khazad-dûm
Mountains of ShadowThe northern range of the Ered Wethrin
Northern MirkwoodThe Woodland Realm of Thranduil
Old Forest RoadThe east-west road that led through Greenwood the Great
Old RoadThe road running east through Eriador
PallandoOne of the two Ithryn Luin
Pass of CaradhrasThe pass through the Mountains of Moria
Pass of ImladrisThe High Pass through the Misty Mountains
PharazônUsurper of the throne of Númenor
Pimpernel TookOne of Peregrin Took’s three elder sisters
River BrithonThe river that flowed through Brithombar
River EsgalduinThe river that flowed through Doriath
River TeiglinThe river that ran through Brethil
River WithywindleThe river that flowed through the Old Forest
Rosa BagginsA distant relation of three of the Travellers
Ruling Queen of NúmenorTitle of the three Queens who ruled in their own name
Second Marshal of the RiddermarkOne of the three military leaders of the Rohirrim
Silver-steelA name for mithril
South RoadThe road that ran to Nargothrond
Southward RoadThe long road through Ithilien
SpyhillThe watch-mound of Nargothrond
Stock RoadThe road through the Green Hill Country
Taur-en-FarothThe high woodland above the gates of Nargothrond
ThangorodrimThe three towering peaks above Angband’s gates
Thanksgiving to EruThird of the Three Prayers
The CausewayThe road through the Marish
The FarothA name for the hills above Nargothrond
The HighwayFinrod’s long road from Nargothrond to Minas Tirith
The Stock-brookThe stream that flowed through Stock in the Shire
The WaterThe main river running through the Shire
TomOne of the three Stone-trolls met by Bilbo
Tower HallThe throne-room of Gondor
Towers of GondorThe sites of three Seeing-stones
TruesilverA name for mithril
TumhaladA field to the north of Nargothrond
Vale of NarogThe course of Narog through West Beleriand
Vales of SirionThe wide valley that ran north to south through Beleriand
VilyaThe Ring of Air
War of the Dwarves and the OrcsThe great underground conflict following the death of Thrór
Wraith-roadThe road through the Morgul Pass

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