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Mariner-kingA title for Tar-Aldarion, the Great Captain of Númenor
The MarinerA title for the great sailors of history
‘The Mariner’s Wife’The subtitle to Aldarion and Erendis

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‘Aldarion and Erendis’The tale of the Mariner’s Wife
AranwëThe father of Voronwë the mariner
Ban of the ValarThe ban on the mariners of Númenor
Bough of ReturnA mariner's token of good fortune
EärendilThe Mariner
ErendisThe Mariner’s Wife
FalatharA mariner of Eärendil’s ship
Green Bough of ReturnA custom among the mariners of Númenor
Guildhouse of the VenturersThe seaborne home of the mariners of Númenor
Heir of EärendilA title of the descendants of the Mariner
HenderchA mariner under Aldarion’s command
Indis i·KiryamoThe Mariner’s Wife
Lay of EärendilThe song of the Mariner
Men of the SeaThe mariners of Númenor

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