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GlæmscrafuThe Glittering Caves
Gladden FieldsThe fields at the mouth of the Gladden River
Gladden RiverRiver of the Golden Flowers
GlamdringThe sword of Turgon and Gandalf
GlamhothA name for the Orcs
GlanhírThe Mering Stream
GlaurungGolden Father of Dragons
GléowineMinstrel to King Théoden
GlingalThe mate of Belthil in the courts of Turgon
GlirhuinA seer of Brethil
Glittering CavesThe caverns behind Helm’s Deep
GlóinKing of Durin’s Folk
Glóin son of GróinCompanion of Bilbo and father of Gimli Elf-friend
GlóredhelDaughter of Hador the Golden-haired
GlorfindelChief of Gondolin’s House of the Golden Flower
GlorfindelA heroic Elf-lord of Rivendell
Glorious BattleThe Dagor Aglareb
Bane of GlaurungDagnir Glaurunga, a title of Túrin
Bonfire GladeA burnt glade in the Old Forest
Dagnir GlaurungaThe epitaph of Túrin
Disaster of the Gladden FieldsThe loss of Isildur and his Bane
Lord of the Glittering CavesA title of Gimli
Methed-en-gladThe End of the Wood
River GlanduinThe river that flowed down into Swanfleet
River GlithuiA minor tributary of the Teiglin
Sharp GlanceEöl’s name for his son
Star-glassThe Phial of Galadriel
The GloriousThe title of Atanatar II
AeglosThe Snowthorn of Amon Rûdh
Aeglos (Aiglos)The Spear of Gil-galad
AglarondThe Glittering Caves
AnfauglirThe Jaws of Thirst
AnfauglithThe Gasping Dust north of Beleriand
AnglachelThe mate of Anguirel
AraglasThe sixth Chieftain of the Dúnedain
BauglirThe surname of Morgoth
Crossings of TeiglinThe river-crossing under the eaves of Brethil
Dagor AglarebThe Glorious Battle
DerndingleThe place of Entmoot
Diggle FamilyAn almost unknown family of Shire-hobbits
Dina DiggleThe wife of Gundahar Bolger
Dor-nu-FauglithThe desert land north of Beleriand
DraugluinSire of werewolves
Eagle of the StarAragorn's alias in the southern lands
EaglesThe harbingers of Manwë
Eagles’ CleftA pass in the Encircling Mountains
Eagles of the Misty MountainsThe Eagles who dwelt on the Great Shelf
EgladilThe Angle of Lórien
EgladorAn old name for the kingdom of Doriath
EglantineA sweet-smelling wild rose
Eglantine BanksThe mother of Peregrin Took
EglarestThe Haven at Nenning’s mouth
EglathThe Forsaken People
FinglasAn ancient Ent of Fangorn Forest
Gildor InglorionAn Elf of the House of Finrod
Great EagleLord of the Eagles of the Misty Mountains
Great EaglesGwaihir and his kind
HithaeglirThe misty peaks of central Middle-earth
InglorionThe surname of Gildor
King of EaglesA title given to Thorondor
Loeg NingloronThe resting-place of the Ring
Lord of EaglesGreatest of the birds of Middle-earth
MaeglinThe betrayer of Gondolin
MaglorThe second son of Fëanor
Maglor’s GapWidest of the northern passes into Beleriand
NauglamírThe Necklace of the Dwarves
Pass of AglonThe narrow pass west of the March of Maedhros
Ravines of TeiglinThe thundering chasms west of Brethil
Ringló ValeThe upper course of the River Ringló
RinglordThe holder of the Ruling Ring
River GinglithA northern tributary of the Narog
River RinglóA river of southern Gondor
River TeiglinThe river that ran through Brethil
Sîr NinglorThe Elves’ name for the Gladden River
Springle-ringA dance both pretty and vigorous
StoninglandA name of Gondor
Stoors of the AngleAn early settlement of Hobbits
The AngleAn old homeland of the Stoors
The AngleThe land between the Celebrant and Anduin
ThenglingsThose who followed Thengel
UglúkOne of Saruman’s Uruk-hai

Related topics

AlcarinThe Glorious
Ard-galenThe former name of Anfauglith
AsfalothThe horse of Glorfindel
BeaterThe Orcs’ name for Glamdring
Cirith ThoronathThe Eagles’ Cleft
CrissaegrimThe Abode of Eagles
Dragon-KingGlaurung in Nargothrond
Elf-friendSurname of Gimli son of Glóin
EstelmoA survivor of the Disaster of the Gladden Fields
EthringThe township below the wells of Ringló
Everard TookDancer of the Springle-ring
Eye of Barad-dûrThe watchful glare of the Dark Tower
Fall of FingolfinFingolfin’s end in single combat with Morgoth
Fall of the NoldorMaglor’s lament
Father of DragonsA title of Glaurung the Golden
Foe-hammerThe translated name of Gandalf’s sword Glamdring
Forsaken ElvesThe Eglath of Beleriand
Gold-worm of AngbandA title of Glaurung, Father of Dragons
Great Gate of GondolinMaeglin's Gate of Steel
Great WormGlaurung, Father of Dragons
GwaihirThe Great Eagle known as the Windlord
HazelA tangled shrub of thicket and hedgerow
Hill of SlainThe Haudh-en-Ndengin of Anfauglith
Hill of TearsThe green hill in the midst of Anfauglith
Horse-boysUglúk’s name for the Rohirrim
HorsebreedersUglúk's name for the Rohirrim
House of the Golden FlowerGlorfindel’s house of Gondolin
Light of ValinorThe glow of the Two Trees
Melilot BrandybuckDancer of the Springle-ring
Morgul-sheenThe green glimmer of Minas Morgul
Mountains of MistThe Misty Mountains of the Hithaeglir
Narmacil IThe heir of Atanatar the Glorious
Necklace of the DwarvesThe Nauglamír
Phial of GaladrielGaladriel’s glittering gift to the Ring-bearer
RingilThe glittering sword of Fingolfin
River MalduinA northern tributary of the Teiglin
River NenningThe river that met the Sea at Eglarest
RógA single Drúadan
SoronúmëThe eagle among the stars
Spear of Gil-galadAiglos the Snow-point
SwanfleetThe great marshlands of the River Glanduin
The DragonA title for Glaurung
The EyrieThe Great Shelf of the Eagles
Third BattleThe Dagor Aglareb
ThorondorMightiest of Eagles
Wars of BeleriandThe long struggle against Morgoth
Waterlands of the SwansThe fenlands of the lower Glanduin
WindlordTitle of Gwaihir the Eagle
Witnesses of ManwëThe Eagles of the Meneltarma
Worm of MorgothA title of Glaurung

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