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Captain of DespairSauron’s captain at the Battle of the Pelennor
Captain of MorgothA leader of the Orcs at the Nirnaeth
Captain of NargothrondA title given to Túrin
Captain of SauronThe Morgul-lord
Captain of ShipsCommander of the navies of the Dúnedain
Captain of the Dúnedain of ArnorA title taken by Aragorn
Captain of the HavenA military leader of Umbar
Captain of the Host of the WestCommander of the forces opposed to Sauron
Captain of the HostsA military title among the Gondorians
Captain of the King’s ShipsThe admiral of Númenor’s fleets
Captain of the Southern ArmyA military title of Eärnil
Captain of the White TowerCommander of the forces of Minas Tirith
High-captain of AngbandThe rank of the Balrog Gothmog
Captains of the WestLeaders of the final hopeless march to Mordor
Black CaptainMarshal of the forces of Mordor
Great CaptainA title of Aldarion
Two CaptainsTúrin Turambar and Beleg Strongbow

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AdrahilA captain of Ondoher's army
Bow and HelmThe Two Captains of Amon Rûdh
ÉomundA great captain of the Éothéod
Grimbold of WestfoldA valiant captain of the Rohirrim
Land of Bow and HelmThe land of the Two Captains
Lord of MorgulThe Black Captain, greatest of the Nazgûl
Mablung of the Heavy HandA captain of Doriath
Mariner-kingA title for Tar-Aldarion, the Great Captain of Númenor
MinohtarA captain of Ondoher’s Northern Army

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