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"Look! The king has got a crown again!"
Frodo, on seeing stonecrop on the broken head of a statue
The Two Towers IV 7
Journey to the Cross-roads

A plant with fleshy leaves and star-like flowers of gold or white, noted for its ability to grow in the cracks of stone, an ability from which it takes its name. Stonecrop itself is only recorded as being found in Ithilien, where notably it was found growing, crown-like, on the head of the broken statue at the Cross-roads by Frodo and Sam. Though stonecrop is only described in Ithilien, it doubtless grew more widely in Middle-earth, and a related plant named seregon was known to have grown in Beleriand. That plant was said to be similar to stonecrop, but in place of the normal yellow or white flowers, those of seregon were blood-red in colour.

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