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Sources of Narog

The springs of Eithel Ivrin

From the southern slopes of the Mountains of Shadow, at a place called Ivrin, cold water sprang from the hillside to form a series of falls and pools spilling into a cool green land. The waters gathered and ran southwards out of the Mountains to form one of Beleriand's greatest rivers: the Narog that flowed past Nargothrond and on to meet Sirion in the south.

In the early history of Beleriand, the green land at the Sources of Narog was under the guardianship of Ulmo, and famous as a place of healing and contentment. It was here that the Elves of many houses were reunited after the troubles of the march out of Valinor, and later Túrin also found relief from his madness. As the First Age drew towards its end, Ulmo's power ebbed from the springs and pools of Eithel Ivrin, and they were defiled and turned to filth by Glaurung the Dragon.

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