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The Song

The Music before the beginning of the World

The song made by the Ainur before the seat of Eru Ilúvatar in the ancient depths of time, more usually known as the Music of the Ainur or the Great Song. It was through the themes of the Song that the Ainur gave form to the World under the guidance and following the design of Ilúvatar, but into which they wove their own themes and thoughts. Chief among those Ainur who formed the Song was Melkor, who sought to enforce his own will on the shape of the Music, and thus on the form of the World, though as he did so Ilúvatar adapted the Song to return it to harmony. When the Music of the Ainur was complete, Ilúvatar gave the Ainur a Vision of the World patterned after their Great Music, and then uttered the word Eä!, thus making the World of the Vision into reality.

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