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Shadow of Morgoth

The Spirit of the Dark Lord

"But Morgoth did not come in person, but only in spirit and as a shadow upon the mind and heart..."
The Fall of Númenor
in The History of Middle-earth, volume 5
The Lost Road and Other Writings

The baleful influence of Morgoth Bauglir, the first Dark Lord. The Shadow worked especially on the hearts of Men, and it was said that when the first Men awoke in Hildórien, Morgoth travelled there himself to corrupt them into the worship of the dark. Many fell under the Shadow of Morgoth, and these were the original Men of Darkness from whose stock the Easterlings and Haradrim descended, but a few fled from the Shadow, and travelled westwards. Coming at last to the Blue Mountains and Beleriand beyond, these were the original Edain, who played their part in the wars against the Dark Lord.

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