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The Sceptre of Númenor was made after the founding of Númenor in II 32, and lost in the Downfall of II 3319; the Northern Sceptre of Arnor also had its origins in Númenor, probably about II 7001, and survived in Middle-earth into the Fourth Age
Númenóreans, and later Men of Arnor and their descendants
House of Elros, through both the royal line and the branch that gave rise to the Lords of Andúnië and later Kings of Arnor
The royal Sceptre of Númenor was held at Armenelos, while the Northern Sceptre was particularly associated with Annúminas


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Royal symbol of the Dúnedain

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The symbol of Kingship to the Númenóreans and their descendants.



We know that the royal Sceptre held by the Kings of Arnor originated as the Sceptre of office held by the Lords of Andúnië in Númenor, but we have little specific information about the origins of those Lords. Valandil, the first Lord, was born in the year II 630, but we're not told exactly when or how he established his house as hereditary Lords of Andúnië. The date of II 700 given here is therefore necessarily rather speculative.

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