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Rivil’s Well

The source of the River Rivil

The source of the minor river Rivil, that rose in the west of Dorthonion and flowed in a loop northward and westward to meet Sirion as its first tributary. Rivil's Well is chiefly known as the site of Beren's revenge against the Orcs. All of Beren's companions, along with his father Barahir, had been slain by a band of Orcs at Tarn Aeluin to the east, and those Orcs then passed westward through Dorthonion. Beren tracked them to a camp at Rivil's Well, where he leapt on them, slew their captain, and escaped with the hand and Ring of Barahir. Thus Barahir's Ring was saved from Morgoth, and kept instead as an heirloom among Beren's descendants.

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