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Flowing from the northern Misty Mountains into Anduin above the Carrock
The eastern foothills of the Misty Mountains
One, unnamed
'Rush down'
Other names
Rushdown; also sometimes spelt Rhibdath or Rhibdad


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River Rhimdath

A river also known as Rhibdath or Rhibdad

Map of the river Rhimdath

A river that rose in the eastern foothills of the northern Misty Mountains, and flowed down into the Vales of Anduin to meet the Great River some miles north of the Carrock. To Men the river was known as the Rushdown, from the torrents of its upper waters, and several variations of the Elvish form are known, from Rhimdath to Rhibdath to Rhibdad. Despite their variations in spelling, all these names have the same derivation and, like the Mannish name, they refer to the rushing waters of the stream as it passed through the mountains.

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