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A blind servant of the House of Húrin

After Húrin went to war, he left only a few servants in his house: old Grithnir and Gethron, lame Sador and blind Ragnir. When news came to Dor-lómin that the war had turned to the disaster of the Nirnaeth Arnoediad, Húrin's wife Morwen sent her son Túrin away with Grithnir and Gethron, leaving only Sador and Ragnir, and certain old women, to support her.

Years later, Morwen took her chance to leave her house herself, and escaped to Doriath. At that time Brodda the Easterling ransacked the house and took her servants, so it seems that, if Ragnir survived so long, he would have entered Brodda's service at that time. Of Ragnir's final fate, no story tells.

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