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28 September to 20 November on a modern (Gregorian) calendar
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The fading season

Seasons of the Elves

One of the six seasons of the calendars of the Elves, marking later autumn and the beginning of winter. The word quellë meant 'fading', but the season was also known as lasse-lanta or lasselanta, meaning 'leaf-fall'. In formal use, as for example in the Reckoning of Rivendell, Quellë was defined as a period of fifty-four days, separated from the earlier season of autumn proper (Yávië) by a series of (usually three) days known as the Enderi or middle-days, and followed by Hrívë or winter. On a modern Gregorian calendar, the season of Quellë would have run between 28 September and 20 November (or, on the Shire Calender, between 7 October and 30 November).

The name Quellë was derived from the Quenya tongue, with the Sindarin equivalent being Firith. The same season was also referred to in Sindarin as Narbeleth, 'Sun waning', a term that was also used by the Dúnedain for the tenth month of their year.

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