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Originated shortly after the Elves
'People of the Ents'1
Other names
The word Onodrim refers to the entire race of Ents. A single Ent is an Onod, and the plural form used to describe several Ents is Enyd.


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The name given by the Elves to the giant tree-like beings that Men called Ents.



Onod is the Elvish equivalent of the Mannish name Ent, but its etymology is obscure. The word 'Ent' literally means 'giant', but if onod is intended to be an Elvish translation of this term, Tolkien has left us no evidence. The Etymologies (in volume 5 of The History of Middle-earth) is usually instructive in these matters, but for Onod it provides little help. The only possible clue is an Elvish root ono-, related to the idea of parenting, which might connect to the Ents' role as 'Shepherds of the Trees', but it must be admitted that this is a rather tenuous link at best.

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