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Number One

An informal title of the Lord of the Nazgûl

"They've done in Number One, I've heard, and I hope it's true!"
Words of an unnamed Mordor-orc
from The Return of the King VI 2
The Land of Shadow

A title for the Lord of the Nazgûl apparently in common use among the Orcs of Mordor. To the Orcs, the Ringwraiths were beings that inspired awe and dread, but nonetheless the Orcs spoke of them in their customary brutish way, colloquially calling them 'Shriekers' (from their high thin calls) and referring to their Lord simply as 'Number One'. The Orcs seem to have obeyed the Nazgûl out of fear, and at least one Mordor-orc was pleased to hear the news that the Lord of Morgul had met his end on the Pelennor Fields.

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