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A name for the White Tree of Valinor

Map of Ninquelótë
(Somewhat conjectural)
White Trees of
Tol Eressëa,
Númenor and
Minas Tirith

The elder of the Two Trees of Valinor filled the land of the Valar with a shimmering silver light, and spread glistening dew from his many flowers. This White Tree is best known by the name Telperion, but it had many other names besides, and among these was the Quenya title Ninquelótë.

'Ninquelótë' means 'White Flower' or (perhaps more likely in this context) 'White Blossom'. The Sindarin equivalent of this Quenya name was Nimloth, and indeed that name was inherited by the White Tree that grew in the King's Court of Númenor.

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