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Between 22 September and 21 October on a modern (Gregorian) calendar
Originated as Narquelië in the calendar of Númenor
Literally 'fire-fading', a reference to the weakening Sun at this time of the year
Other names
Narquelië (the months of Winterfilth and Wintring also corresponded exactly with Narbeleth, without being directly related)


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The tenth month of the calendar of the Dúnedain

Months of the year

The name used by the Dúnedain for the tenth month of the year, also known by its Quenya name of Narquelië, and approximately equivalent to modern October. The name meant 'sun-waning' and was also used by the Elves for one of their seasons (more commonly called Firith) which overlapped with the Narbeleth of the Dúnedain, but continued later into the year. For more on the Elves' usage see this entry.

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