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Constructed at some point after the founding of the Shire in III 1601
At the outflow of the River Shirebourn into the Brandywine
The nearest village was Deephallow, roughly two miles to the northwest
Mithe is pronounced 'mithe' (to rhyme with English 'lithe' or 'scythe')
Mithe means 'stream-mouth'


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Mithe Steps

The steps of the Mithe

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Map of the Mithe Steps

The river Shirebourn flowed out into the Brandywine on the edge of the Shire's Eastfarthing. On the northern bank of this confluence the Hobbits had built a landing stage, the Mithe, and a series of steps that led up from the water's edge. The Mithe Steps led into a lane that ran the brief distance to Deephallow, and from there a traveller could pass northwards along the Causeway that ran through the Marish. This was precisely the route that Tom Bombadil followed on at least one occasion, passing up the Mithe Steps to enter the Shire and visit his friend Farmer Maggot.

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