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The Minstrel

A title of Daeron of Doriath

Daeron was chief loremaster to the court of Thingol, and the ingenious inventor of the Runes. He was also named as the greatest of all musicians east of the Great Sea, greater even than Maglor son of Fëanor, and so he gained his epithet of 'The Minstrel'. During the long starlit years of the First Age, he made music for the dancing of Lúthien, whom he secretly loved. When Thingol sent Beren on the perilous Quest of the Silmaril, Lúthien set out to aid him, and Daeron set out in turn to seek for Lúthien. His search failed, and it is said that at last he wandered in misery over the Blue Mountains, where he lamented for his lost love as the ages passed.

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