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Born some time before III 2951; still extant in III 3019 (in which year he was probably slain)


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Messenger of Mordor

The emissary of Sauron

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An occasional title used of the ambassador of Sauron who treated with the Captains of the West before the Black Gate of Mordor. The Messenger's name had been forgotten, even by himself, but he was most commonly called the Mouth of Sauron, and held the rank of Lieutenant of the Tower of Barad-dûr. Had Sauron won the War of the Ring, the Messenger would have been placed in command of Isengard, though in the event the War was lost, and the Messenger's fate is not recorded.

The term 'messenger of Mordor' (lacking an initial capital) is also occasionally used of the Winged Nazgûl in their role as messengers of Sauron, especially between Barad-dûr and distant Isengard.

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