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Awoke I 1
Across Middle-earth, and the isle of Númenor during the Second Age
Awoke in Hildórien in the distant east of Middle-earth
Broadly divided into the Edain (and their descendants), the Middle Peoples and the people known as Wild Men
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'The Aftercomers'
Wild Men
Middle Peoples

The descent of the major branches of the race of Men and related peoples. Note that, though the Drúedain and Hobbits are established as belonging to branches of the race of Men, and must therefore have descended from the first people to have awoken in Hildórien, the precise details of their descent remain unknown.

The descent of the Northmen was rather more involved than this simple diagram can show. For more on this subject, see the entry for 'Northmen'.

The youngest of the races of Arda, the first Men awoke in the far eastern land of Hildórien as the Sun first rose and the Noldor returned from Valinor. Seeing the sunrise, many of the first Men set out westwards, and so came eventually to Beleriand after some three hundred years of wandering.

Men are unique in possessing the Gift of Men, Death, by which they leave the world after an allotted time and go beyond it.

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About this entry:

  • Updated 24 April 2004
  • Updates planned: 53

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