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Masters of Stone

Gonnhirrim, a name for the Dwarves

A translation of Gonnhirrim, one of the Elvish names given to the Dwarves. That Elvish name comes from the Sindarin language, and was used particularly by the Sindar of Beleriand after the Dwarves first emerged from the Blue Mountains into the western lands. The name is a reference to the mastery of stonework and masonry exhibited by the Dwarves, as well as their preference for living under the ground. This mastery of stone was employed by the Elves of Beleriand to help them create new strongholds for themselves, especially at Menegroth and Nargothrond.

Gonnhirrim, which translates more literally as 'People of the Masters of Stone', was a comparatively rare term for the Dwarves compared with the more usual Sindarin Naugrim, 'Stunted People'. Indeed, we know nothing about the name or title 'Masters of Stone' beyond the mere fact of its existence, though its complimentary nature suggests that it would have been used in more formal or diplomatic situations in place of the more direct 'Stunted People'.

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