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Descended into Arda at its beginning, banished from the World after the War of Wrath, I 590
Utumno, and later Angband
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Master of the Fates of Arda

A title of Morgoth

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"Thou hast dared to mock me, and to question the power of Melkor, Master of the fates of Arda."
Words of Morgoth to Húrin
From The Silmarillion 20
Of the Fifth Battle: Nirnaeth Arnoediad
Master of the
Fates of Arda

Manwë Súlimo

A title claimed by Morgoth, the first Dark Lord. His claim was not an idle one: in the earliest history of , Melkor had been the greatest of all the Valar, but he had chosen to extend his power throughout the material of the universe. This had left him far less powerful as an individual being, but his evil became bound up in the World, giving him vast power over it.

This power is most evident in the story of the Children of Húrin, in which Húrin Thalion is forced to watch through Morgoth's eyes as he manipulates the fates of Húrin's children, Túrin and Niënor. Túrin learned of this curse, and did everything in his power to escape it, but instead his actions left a trail of destruction across Beleriand, and in the end both he and his sister died by their own hands.

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