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Born after II 611
'Devoted to Manwë'


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The third child of Elros

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The third child and second son of Elros Tar-Minyatur (and thus a nephew of Elrond), Manwendil was born just decades after the arrival of the Edain in their new realm of Númenor. His elder brother Vardamir had a name dedicating him to the Vala Varda, and Manwendil's name similarly connected him to Manwë Súlimo, Varda's spouse. For such an important member of the royal household, we know practically nothing about Manwendil's life. It is known that he founded a line of descendants, but none of these seem to have played an important role in the later history of Númenor.



We are not given Manwendil's dates of birth or death, but we know that his elder brother Vardamir was born in II 61, so Manwendil must have been born after that date. Doubtless due to their long lifespans, sons and daughters of the House of Elros tended to be born more than ten years apart, so allowing for the fact that Manwendil also had an elder sister, Tindómiel, he was probably born between II 80 and II 90. The timeline above assumes a lifespan comparable with his brother Vardamir, who lived for 410 years.

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