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The old name of Arnach dated back to ancient times, but the valley was established as a separate region after the foundation of Gondor in II 3320
A vale in the White Mountains directly to the southwest of Minas Tirith, around the sources of the rivers Sirith and Erui
'Flowery Arnach'1


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Gondor’s vale of flowers

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A flowery vale of the southern White Mountains, near Minas Tirith, and an ancient fiefdom of the kingdom of Gondor.



Arnach was a pre-Númenórean name for this region, of forgotten meaning. Loss-, 'Flowery' was an Elvish prefix added by the Gondorians, because this valley was famous for the flowers of its upper slopes, and the orchards (and therefore blossoms) of its lower-lying parts. Tolkien comments in this context that loss- is literally 'snow', but mentions the close connection of the words for 'snow' and 'flower' in Sindarin. Perhaps the image this is intended to convey is the drifts of blossoms that would have been seen here during the Spring.

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