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Morgoth remained in the World until the end of the First Age, though it is unclear whether he claimed this title outside his conversation with Húrin, which took place in I 472
Originally counted among the Valar
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Lord of Men

A title of Morgoth denied by Húrin

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After his capture of Húrin, Morgoth debated with him on the Haudh-en-Nirnaeth, claiming to be the master and ruler of Arda. Húrin denied his claim, alluding to an earlier time when Morgoth had travelled to Hildórien and brought the first Men under his will, though many had later fled. 'You are not the Lord of Men,'1 Húrin told Morgoth, stating that even if all of Arda and Menel (that is, the world and the heavens) should fall under the power of the Dark Lord, Men would still be able to escape him through their Gift from Ilúvatar - death.



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