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Lord of All

A title claimed by Sauron for his master

After Sauron was taken to Númenor as a hostage by Ar-Pharazôn in II 3262, he began to seduce the King to the worship of Melkor. Gradually gaining the King's ear, he worked to convince Ar-Pharazôn that Ilúvatar1 was merely an invention of the Valar, and that the true King of the World was Melkor, mightiest of the Powers. In doing this he gave Melkor the titles - apparently of his own invention - 'Giver of Freedom' and 'Lord of All'. The King, eager to escape his own mortality and believing that Melkor could grant his desire, turned to the Dark and took Númenor down the path of destruction that led to its Downfall.



Ilúvatar had a far stronger claim to the title 'Lord of All' - indeed the name Ilúvatar translates as 'father of all' - but its only recorded use is in the lying claims made by Sauron to Ar-Pharazôn.

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