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Uncertain, but known in the northern lands of Middle-earth, so presumably widespread
Some six thousand different species within the suborder Lacertilia
From Latin lacertus


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"Lake-men, some nasty scheme of those miserable tub-trading Lake-men, or I'm a lizard."
Smaug's secret thoughts about Bilbo Baggins
From The Hobbit 12
Inside Information

A type of reptile, most commonly small and four-legged. They're never referred to directly in Tolkien's tales, but we can be sure they existed in Middle-earth. When Smaug was pondering the mysterious arrival of an invisible Bilbo Baggins in his lair, he decided that the intruder was part of a plot by the Men of the Long Lake. The only alternative, he jokingly concluded, was that he, Smaug the Magnificent, was no more than a plain and simple lizard.

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