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Between 22 May and 20 June on a modern (Gregorian) calendar
In common use in the Bree-land
From the Old English month-name Liða, 'warm, gentle'
Other names
Forelithe (the Mannish months of Nárië or Nórui also corresponded closely with Lithe, without being directly related)
This usage is not to be confused with that preferred by the Shire-hobbits, who used the name Lithe quite differently to refer to the days around Midsummer1


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The sixth month of the calendar of Bree

Months of the year

An Old English name for a summer month, Lithe was used in the Shire Calendar to refer to a period of days around Mid-year's Day. In Bree, the same name was used in a different way, and there Lithe was an entire month, the sixth of the year, roughly corresponding to modern June. It was preceded by Thrimidge, and followed by the Summerdays (the same days that the Shire-hobbits referred to by their use of the word 'Lithe').



Where the name Lithe appears in the Tale of Years, it refers to the Shire usage, not this alternative version common in Bree. For more on Lithe in the Shire Calendar, see the separate entry for Lithe.

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About this entry:

  • Updated 30 April 2017
  • This entry is complete

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