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Nargothrond was founded by Finrod Felagund, who became its first King
Nargothrond, beneath Taur-en-Faroth on the river Narog
Nargothrond is pronounced 'na'rgothrond'
Nargothrond means 'underground fortress on the river Narog'
Other names
Title of
Finrod Felagund, followed by his younger brother Orodreth


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King of Nargothrond

A title held by the brothers Finrod and Orodreth

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The descent of the Kings of Nargothrond, two of the sons of Finarfin of the Noldor. The names of those who held the title 'King of Nargothrond' are shown in bold above.

A title of Finrod, who founded the citadel and realm of Nargothrond in West Beleriand. After his loss, the Kingship passed to his brother Orodreth.

I Finrod Felagund Ruled from I 102 to I 465 (363 years)
The founder of Nargothrond, Finrod spent fifty years creating his great underground stronghold, and ruled it for many more after its completion. He pursued a policy of cautious watchfulness, though he fought valiantly in the Dagor Bragollach. Called on to fulfil an oath of allegiance, he agreed to aid Beren on the Quest of the Silmaril. Finding only a handful of his people ready to follow him, he abdicated his Kingship in favour of his brother Orodreth, and set out to his death.
II Orodreth Ruled from I 465 to I 495 (30 years)
Though the rightful heir of his brother Finrod, Orodreth at first found his authority undermined by Fëanor's sons Celegorm and Curufin. After Finrod's death was revealed the brothers were exiled from Nargothrond and Orodreth was able to establish himself as a true ruler. Later in his reign, Túrin was brought to Nargothrond, and persuaded Orodreth to abandon his policy of secret defence in favour of open warfare. This proved to be a fatal mistake, and just five years after Túrin's arrival Orodreth died in battle and the halls of Nargothrond were sacked.

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