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Came to Middle-earth c. III 1000. Saruman was slain in III 3019 and Gandalf left Middle-earth in III 3021; the fates of the other Wizards are unknown
'wise ones'
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Ithryn is the plural term; an individual Wizard was known in Sindarin as an Ithron


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A name for Wizards

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A word from the Sindarin language, signifying 'wise ones' or 'those with knowledge'. It is equivalent to the Quenya word Istari, and related specifically to those wise and powerful beings who came to Middle-earth from across the Great Sea in the Third Age. Both forms are usually translated into English as 'Wizards', and therefore in this context the word 'Wizard' refers specifically to one of these emissaries out of the West.

The Sindarin Ithryn usually appears in translated form, and is only rarely recorded in the original language (it is perhaps most prominent in Ithryn Luin, the 'Blue Wizards', referring two Wizards who passed into the distant east of Middle-earth and never returned). The singular form is Ithron (or Istar in Quenya).



The pronunciation of 'y' as a vowel varied from place to place. 'ee'throon' is the 'standard' pronunciation, but in Gondor, 'Ithryn' would have been pronounced 'ee'threen'.

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