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Written sometime after II 9851
Primarily set in Númenor
i'ndis i-keerya'mo
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Indis i·Kiryamo

The Mariner’s Wife

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A work called in full Indis i·Kiryamo 'The Mariner's Wife': a tale of ancient Númenórë, which tells of the first rumour of the Shadow. This is a version of the story of the Great Captain Aldarion of Númenor (later King Tar-Aldarion) and his wife Erendis. Their story was a tragic one: Aldarion's love of the Sea estranged the pair, and (according to what sources we have) Erendis' life finally came to an end in the water.

The full story was said to have been one of the few tales of Númenor to survive the Downfall, but in fact there is no complete version extant. The name Indis i·Kiryamo refers to one unfinished version of the story more commonly called simply Aldarion and Erendis.



We don't know exactly when this work was written, but since the full version contained a reference to the death of Erendis in II 985, it must have been written after that date. The depth of detail in the tale implies that it was written fairly soon after the events that it describes.

Interpolations in the extant text imply that it was not the original, but rather a copy made in Gondor during the Third Age. A passing reference to Edhellond (the Elf-haven in Belfalas) implies that this copy must have been made before that haven was abandoned in III 1981.

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