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Presumably established after the foundation of Gondor in II 3320; still extant during the Fourth Age
Probably in the region named Lossarnach, southwest of Minas Tirith
i'mloth me'lui
'Sweet (or lovely) valley of flowers'


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Imloth Melui

The land of Ioreth’s childhood

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"It reminds me of the roses of Imloth Melui when I was a lass, and no king could ask for better."
Ioreth's opinion of the scent of athelas
The Return of the King V 8
The Houses of Healing

A region of Gondor, in which Ioreth was raised before she travelled to Minas Tirith. Though it clearly lay in some part of the land of Gondor, the precise location of Imloth Melui is never stated explicitly. Given its connection with flowers, though, it seems fair to guess that it lay near or within the flowery vale of Lossarnach. This is no more than speculation, but it is partly borne out by the fact that a kinswoman of Ioreth travelled to Minas Tirith from Imloth Melui, suggesting that it was relatively close by, as was Lossarnach.

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