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Known as the Hornrock after the time of Helm Hammerhand (died III 2759)1
At the entrance to Helm's Deep in the northern White Mountains
The Hornburg was built on this rock
Named for the Hornburg on the rock, and thus indirectly after the great horn of Helm Hammerhand


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The foundation of the Hornburg

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A spur of rock that stood out southward from the northern rock-wall of Helm's Deep. It was on the crest of the Hornrock that the castle of the Hornburg was built, and from it the Deeping Wall ran across the Deep's mouth to the southern wall.



The rock itself was as old as the White Mountains, and its castle had stood for nearly three thousand years before Helm's time. It was only after the legend of Helm and his horn grew up that it became known as the 'Hornrock', and the timeline for this entry shows the period of usage of that name, not the age of the ancient rock itself.

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