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Ilmarin was the dwelling-place of Manwë and Varda on the high peak of Taniquetil, among the mountains of the Pelóri. The Hill of Ilmarin, then, was a name for the mountain beneath those mansions. The word 'hill' here is used poetically: actually Taniquetil was not merely a mountain, but the tallest of all the mountains of the World.

So tall was the Holy Mountain that the name Ilmarin incorporated the name of Ilmen, the high airs of Arda, and from their mansions on its peak Manwë and Varda could look out over the entire World. A host of spirits in the forms of eagles and hawks brought news to the Elder King from every corner of the World, except the shadowed darkness that hid Melkor from the sight of the Valar in the Elder Days.

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