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Approximately III 2775 - III 28771
'Hanna' means 'grace'; 'Goldworthy' is a real family name meaning 'the enclosure of (a person called) Gold'


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Hanna Goldworthy

The mother of Marmadoc the Masterful

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A Hobbit who married into the wealthy and powerful family of the Brandybucks when she wed Madoc, who was the son of Gormadoc Deepdelver and ultimately became Master of Buckland in his own right. Hanna and Madoc had a single son, Marmadoc, who inherited his father's title and became known to the Hobbits of Buckland as Marmadoc the Masterful.



Hanna's own dates are not recorded. Those shown here are for her husband Madoc Brandybuck, but Hanna's lifetime would have corresponded fairly closely with these dates.

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