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Originally lying in the far West of Arda, removed from the World at the time of the Downfall of Númenor in II 3319
'Far shore'
hi'rast ('hi' as in English 'high')
Other names
Closely equivalent to the Last Shore


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The shores of Aman beyond the Great Sea

Map of Haerast

Haerast, the 'Far Shore' of Aman beyond the Great Sea (conjectural)

One of the names given to the shoreland parts of Middle-earth by its inhabitants was 'the Hither Shore'; that is, the shore that lay on their side of the Great Sea. In Elvish this was Nevrast. That name is used specifically of a coastland region northwest of Beleriand, but it had at one time been more broadly used of the entire northwestern coasts of Middle-earth. Its opposite term was Haerast, meaning the 'Far Shore', a reference to the distant coasts of Aman beyond the Great Sea.

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