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'People of the Masters of Stone'
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Masters of Stone

A name given by the Sindar of Beleriand to the new and hitherto unknown race of people who crossed the Blue Mountains into their starlit lands long before the first rising of the Sun. Being much shorter and stouter than the Elves, the Sindar most commonly called these incomers Naugrim, or 'Stunted People', but also called them by an alternative (and rather more diplomatic) name in recognition of their preference for living underground and their mastery of stonework: Gonnhirrim1, 'Masters of Stone'. All these variant names apply to the people known more usually as the Dwarves.



The similarity of this name's ending to that of the more familiar Rohirrim is not accidental. Both contain -hir-, 'lord' or 'master', and -rim, 'people' or 'race'. So, literally, Gonnhirrim translates as 'people of the Masters of Stone', while Rohirrim is 'people of the masters of horses (or, more usually, horse-lords)'.

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