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Slain III 2747
(following Elvish pronunciation) go'lfimbool
No specific meaning1


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The Orc-chieftain who invaded the Shire

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An Orc-chieftain of Mount Gram, who led a band of his orcs in an invasion of the Shire. He was met, and defeated, at the Battle of Greenfields by Bandobras 'Bullroarer' Took. According to (no doubt apocryphal) legend, the events of that battle, coupled with Golfimbul's name, gave rise to the game of golf.



Golfimbul's name is something of a hybrid. In early drafts of The Hobbit, Tolkien borrowed the name Fingolfin for him from the Silmarillion tradition. Meanwhile, the character who would become Thrór was originally known as Fimbulfambi (from the Old Norse for 'great fool'). As the story developed, elements of these names merged together, so Golfimbul inherited the Golf- from 'Fingolfin' and the -fimbul from 'Fimbulfambi', creating a compound name without any specific meaning.

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