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Destroyed at the end of the First Age
Running westward out of the Blue Mountains to meet Gelion, forming the boundary between Thargelion and Ossiriand
Rose in the mountains near Nogrod
The central western Blue Mountains
Into Gelion a little to the south of Sarn Athrad
Named for the treasure deposited in the river after the defeat of the Dwarves of Nogrod
Other names
Rathlóriel; originally named Ascar


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The later name of the River Ascar

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Map of the river Goldenbed

To the north of Ossiriand, the Dwarf-road into the Blue Mountains ran alongside the River Ascar. This road was used in the later years of the First Age by a band of Dwarves returning to Nogrod with the looted treasures of Doriath. Waylayed by Beren and a force of Green-elves, they were defeated, and the treasure was scattered along the bed of the Ascar. After that time, the river was renamed Rathlóriel, which translates as 'Goldenbed'.

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