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Giver of Freedom

A title given to Melkor by Sauron

While a hostage in Númenor, Sauron sought to corrupt King Ar-Pharazôn of Númenor and bring him to the worship of Melkor. He claimed that Melkor was the true Lord of All, and that Ilúvatar was an invention of the Valar designed to subject Men to their will. As such he gave Melkor the title 'Giver of Freedom' - freedom, that is, from the Valar and their power over the Númenóreans.

Already eager to escape the Ban of the Valar and the fear of death, Ar-Pharazôn eagerly accepted Sauron's lies. The title 'Giver of Freedom' then took on an ironic meaning, as those among the Númenóreans who rejected Sauron, especially among the Faithful, were taken and sacrificed at Sauron's temple. Eventually Ar-Pharazôn would be persuaded to launch an assault on the Undying Lands themselves, but far from bringing him freedom from the yoke of the Valar, his actions led to the Downfall of Númenor.

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