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Gates of Morning

The eastern gateway of the Sun

During the Elder Days, when the Sun drew down through the western sky, it descended into the Outer Sea beyond the lands of Aman. From there, servants of Ulmo guided it beneath the World, until it passed beneath Arda into the distant east. At the appointed time each day, it emerged through a great gateway to lift once more back into the sky, bringing light to Middle-earth once again. That great gateway was known as the Gates of Morning, and before the Downfall of Númenor it was physically present in the World (indeed, Númenórean mariners were said to have seen it with their own eyes).

After the Downfall, the advent of the Bent World meant that the Gates of Morning could no longer exist as they had, though what became of them is not recorded. Presumably they were taken away from the World in the same way that Aman was in the West, so that they can no longer be found by Mortal travellers.

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