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Probably lived at Overhill near Hobbiton2
Folco is pronounced 'fo'lko'


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Folco Boffin

A friend of Frodo Baggins

A friend of Frodo Baggins in the Shire, who assisted with his removal to Buckland.



We have only a date of birth for Folco, but we do know that he survived at least to III 3018 (Shire-reckoning 1418, when he would have been forty years old) because he helped Frodo Baggins move out of Bag End in that year. If he lived a typical Hobbit lifespan, Folco would have survived well into the Fourth Age, probably living until about the year IV 57 (or 1478 by the Shire-reckoning).


The folkland of the Boffins - the region where most of the family lived - was in the Yale, some thirty miles eastward of Hobbiton. Though we're never told precisely where Folco lived, there are clues that he did not dwell among most of his folk in the Yale. For example, when Folco was helping Frodo at Bag End, we're told that he '...went home after lunch...' (The Fellowship of the Ring I 3, Three is Company) which hardly seems as though it describes setting out on a thirty-mile journey.

Folco's father Vigo was associated with the village of Overhill, which lay much closer to Bag End on the other side of Hobbiton Hill. Given the apparent casualness of Folco's departure from Bag End, and his family connection to Overhill, it seems much more likely that his home was there rather than far away in the Yale.


Folco's name is not explained, but it appears to be an adaptation of Old English folca, 'folk, people' into the pattern of names preferred by the Boffin family. If this is correct, then Folco's name is cognate with that of Folca, a King of Rohan who was great-great-grandfather to Théoden. Given the shared linguistic roots of the Shire-hobbits and the Rohirrim, a connection like this is entirely plausible.


About this entry:

  • Updated 16 January 2018
  • Updates planned: 1

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