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Raised by the Valar at the end of the Spring of Arda
In the Pelóri, the eastern mountain-shield of Aman
Ilmarin, the dwelling of Manwë and Varda, was on the peak of this mountain
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Everlasting Whiteness

The peak of the Holy Mountain

Taniquetil was the tallest of all the mountains of the World, rising up out of the sheer range of the Pelóri on the eastern edge of Aman. Among the snows of its high peak was built Ilmarin, the halls of the Manwë the Elder King and his consort Varda, from which they looked out across the World. That peak had many names, and one of those names in Quenya was Oiolossë, from oio, 'everlasting, eternal' and lossë, 'snow white'. 'Everlasting Whiteness' is one translation of this name, but it is also sometimes rendered 'Ever-snow-white', and by extension Taniquetil is occasionally referred to as 'Mount Everwhite'.

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