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Men, the Younger Children, awoke at the time of the first rising of the Sun; Elves, the Elder Children, awoke three ages earlier
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The Elvish term translated as 'Children of Ilúvatar'; that is, a reference to the races of Elves and Men. The word Eruhíni contains the name Eru, the One - the creator of the Children - and the plural hîni, simply meaning 'children'. The term refers specifically to the Two Kindreds, as they were prefigured among the themes of the Music of the Ainur at the beginning of time by Eru Ilúvatar himself, and their full natures were unknown to even the Ainur. Of the other races of Arda, the Dwarves, who were created independently by Aulë, were not counted among the Eruhíni, but the Hobbits were descended from Men, and would therefore fall within the Children of Ilúvatar.

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